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Happy Autumn from all of us at CedarHouseMall.com. We have just opened our Information Library and it is loaded with useful information. This collection of websites bring knowlegde and tips ranging from helping Babies get to Sleep to Professional Beauty Tips. Be sure to Bookmark us and check out the CedarHouseMall Library. We are continually updating the information Websites.

Welcome to Cedarhousemall.com.

Cedarhousemall.com is an online virtual shopping mall. Here at Cedarhousemall.com we are dedicated to making this site a useful shopping tool, worthy of use and bookmarking.  We are constantly searching for new merchants to add to our Mall, so that we can offer the largest and most diverse selection of merchandise and services.

Our goal is to satisfy you, the web browsing customer, and to provide you with a truely "One-stop" source for all your shopping needs. To the right you will see a list of the major shopping categories and subcategories available to you in the mall. To access the catgory links, just press the Mall Directory button in the navigation bar above, or click here to go there now. Note: some stores contain items that span several shopping categories and therefore may appear on several of the Directory pages.

Because of our commitment to you and your shopping experience, your feedback is important to us. Please take the time to leave your comments on our Feedback form. If there is a store, or category that you would like to see added - or if there is anyway that we can improve our site, please let us know.  Please report broken links so we can get them taken care of.

Soon, we will be adding a Newsletter to notify our visitors of new store opennings, new floors, and Merchant specials and sales. If you would like to subscribe to this Newsletter, please indicate so on the Feedback form by checking the box requesting more information, along with the email address to which you would like the newsletter sent.

Thank you again for visiting our site. Be sure to Bookmark us and check back often.

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